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I promised a new post, and one reason I haven’t been posting is because I have been enjoying a birthday present from The Best Husband in the World! He spoiled me rotten for my birthday (and probably the next 6-7 birthday, Christmases, Valentine’s Days, Anniversaries, etc.).  He got me my dream bike.  If you have read my blog, you may have read about my little field trip to Bike Friday and how I fell in love with a New World Tourist, I picked my colors, and spec’d things out.  They had me at Lime Green cables!

My husband was trying to throw me off the scent with lots of different tricks, and he almost had me. When he took me outside to see what my birthday gift was (hiding in his car), and I saw that Bike Friday box, I was speechless, which, anyone who knows me doesn’t happen often!

So here she is! And yes, I decided she was a she.

And she folds up so nice and neat! I have a bag I will put her in, and she will go right in my little teardrop, Dottie!

The folks as Bike Friday have really made me something really special. I had to add a seat and pedals after she came.  The bike also didn’t come with fenders or a rear bike rack, but I took care of that on a trip to Eugene.  The guys at the shop are amazing and really go above and beyond. The got me all set up with all of the things I needed, plus, I found something while I was there that I couldn’t live without. They were quick to make the part on the spot and install it on my bike while I waited. My handle bars now stay attached when I fold the bike up as they are on a new hinge (the handle bars on the New World Tourist unattached and lay on top without this piece – you can see it in the picture below).

Eric installing my new handle bar hinge at the shop

The Showroom at Bike Friday

You want to know the very best thing? I took my son with me this time. He has been a bit skittish about getting on his pedal bike, and is still loving his balance bike (which is the best balance bike ever). After getting to roll around the parking lot on one of the smaller Bike Friday beta bikes (he couldn’t reach the pedals, but we held him up and helped him), he decided he wanted to try to ride his pedal bike. Wouldn’t you know it! He started riding a bike that weekend. Best trip to the bike shop ever! Thanks Bike Friday for inspiring my kid!

Now I need inspiration from my readers! I need suggestions on names for my blue girl. I am not super clever when it comes to that sort of thing, but she is begging for a name. Leave a suggestion in my comments section and the one I like best, will stick!

Oh, and if you are in the market for a folding bike, check out Bike Friday. They are pretty amazing!

Long time away!

It has been a while since I posted, and I have been regretting that. I have been busy getting things back in order after our trip, turning a year older, and writing for our friends at Trekaroo. They have just published my first post about our trip to the UK. You can read it here! It covers 5 of our favorite things to do in the London area, including Warwick Castle, Legoland Windsor, the Sea-Life Aquarium, The Science Museum in London, and the RAF Museum. 

I will be doing a recipe soon, a new favorite thing, and I will be reviewing my new Bike Friday!  I have the best husband in the world!

More soon friends!

Bike Friday is Awesome!

I was in Eugene last weekend for my high school reunion and decided to go check out Bike Friday.

I have been looking for a new bike. I gave up biking a few years after I moved to Portland, which is the opposite of most people here! When Laddy came along and got a bit older, I started thinking back to when I was child. Every Sunday morning in the summer my dad would make a breakfast for us (usually waffles), and then the whole family would saddle up and go for a ride along the many bike trails in Eugene. I wanted to do the same with my kid.

With camping in such a small trailer, and not having a space to put the bike (other than the roof of the car or in the trailer), I decided inside the trailer would be the best place and started my search for the right folding bike.

On top of needing something that folds, I also needed something where I sit more upright (I have tendinitis/bursitis in my shoulder), can handle not only paved city streets but gravel and hard dirt roads, and fit my body. Looking at the bikes in the stores, I was finding bikes that ticked some of the boxes, but not all of them.

My mom reminded me of Bike Friday. I had seen them in my search, but being custom built, it pushed the price higher. I took a couple for a ride and fell in love. They gave me a factory tour to show me where they build the bikes and how, answered all of my questions, and were just the nicest people. We put together the perfect bike for my current needs. As I am asking for this as my gift for the next 6-7 birthday and christmas gifts, I brought the specs home and all of the contact info so my husband can ‘surprise’ me with my new midnightblue New World Tourist with lime green cables.

The New World Tourist…the one I hope to own one day!

My mom, who came along to just check things out, actually bought a bike that day, and it has been put in the que. She ended up finding her perfect bike in the Tikit. The Tikit folds smaller than the New World Tourist, and is a commuter bike, but it is an absolute kick to ride. It will be great for everything she needs it to do.

If you are in the market for a folding bike, I highly recommend checking them out. They have bikes starting at $995, and they go up from there. They also do tandem bikes, and family bikes, and all of them fit in a suit case. Completely amzing!  These people really know what they are doing.

Other things to know: there are dealers who sell these bikes as well.  There are standard setups the bike shop will order and they are shipped all over the world. The currently lead time to have a bike built is from 4-6 weeks. There are 4 colors that are “free”, and several other colors that cost extra (it all has to do with how easy the paint goes on, and in how many layers). Many of the bikes do not come with pedals or saddles, so you will have to figure out what you would like to add there.

If you are in Eugene, Oregon, stop by their shop and check them out. You won’t be sorry you did (or maybe you will be, but you will be walking out with something that you will be happy with!)!